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Get Years of Maintenance-Free Washing When You Choose a Maytag Washer for Your Home

Pay A Little More For A Quality Maytag Washer Now And You May Save Big Bucks Over Your Lifetime

by James London Devasher

Maytag is a company that has been in business for more than 100 years. The founder, Fredrick Louis Maytag, set out to make washers that were powerful and enduring and the company continues to operate on that philosophy today. While the company has enjoyed massive growth and today includes far more goods than the original Maytag washers, the company still prides itself on producing the best quality, most trusted washing machines available.

Maytag washers fall into 3 distinct categories.

First there are the new high efficiency front load washers, which are offered in a wide price range so that they are affordable for most every consumer. Included in the line are scaled-down, low-cost front load Maytag washers that are perfect for undersized spaces.

Secondly, Maytag washers also come in a more conventional top load design. These days, the new features make these washers way more efficient than old-fashioned top loaders. Even older Maytag models.

The 3rd style of Maytag washing machines are the washer/dryer combo, which also come in a nice range of sizes so you can choose the right one for your house.

Built to Last a Lifetime

As part of their commitment to producing high quality products, Maytag washers come with a full one year warranty that covers Maytag washer parts and labor.

Maytag washers also come with a variety of features.

Some are specific to certain washing machines, while others are standard on all Maytag washers. All current models of Maytag washers come with distinct presets, from a small number on inexpensive models to as many as twelve on upper-end machines. These include settings for wool, hand wash, and a sanitary cycle. Most Maytag washing machines come with dispensers for fabric softener and/or bleach. The newer Maytag Washers also contain between 3 and 5 temperature settings for you to select from. Thanks to improvements in Maytag washer parts and manufacturing, higher-end Maytag washers include a silent operation setting that makes the machine far more comfortable in your home.

One more fun feature of Maytag washers is that they offer many models in your choice of colors - white, blue, or black amongst many others.

All in all, Maytag washing machines have many features that make them a great buy. The more attractive styles of the new lines can make them much more appealing if they are in an open area of the home. The newest Maytag washers also have much larger capacities that are excellent for families. Maytag front load machines in particular are very water economical and quiet.

While Maytag washing machines aren't the cheapest name to choose from, they do an excellent job of cleaning clothes and the top notch quality of the machines makes them a very good value because they will outlast many less expensive brands.