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Maytag Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Maytag Bottom Freezers

There are many different types of refrigerators now and they have come on in leaps and bounds from the original fridge with the super small ice box at the top.

The one which is most desired at the minute would be the bottom freezer. This style of freezer is desirable as it has a large fridge area which takes over the entire top half of the appliance. It also has easy to access and defrost freezer draws which are located at the bottom of the appliance.

Not only is this style of freezer practical is looks fabulous! And the most gorgeous of all this type of freezer has to be the Maytag bottom freezer.

The reason for this is the choice that the Maytag Corporation offers their customers. You can select your colour and effect, from black to chrome to silver – any to fit in to the style of your kitchen.

We now all rely on our freezers and when they break we can lose a small fortune in perishable goods! This is another reason why the Maytag Bottom Freezer is the choice for many within this market. They come with a guarantee and in addition to this Maytag are renowned for their efficiency.

The large freezer within the Maytag Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is easy to open and your food can still be stalled in easy to organise compartments. These compartments have been designed with popular food packaging in mind to ensure that the freezer is easy to use.

The top half of the appliance has easy to access compartments – again with the customer in mind by providing draws and compartments to keep food separate – helping to prolong the freshness and to keep you organised.

Like the Maytag Side by Side Refrigerator, the Maytag Bottom Freezer also has a water dispenser. It even has an ice maker – helping to keep you cool in the summer.

Maytag Bottom Freezers are energy efficient and help to reduce your house hold bills. This appliance will save you time and money and look stylish to boot.

This style of freezer is quickly becoming the freezer of choice. Not just the design, but the corporation – Maytag is a well known and trusted name that has been leading the market for many years.

Maytag Bottom Freezer Refrigerators are available in different sizes to ensure that they fit into all sizes of kitchens. The only choice you have to make would be which style you desire for your kitchen. Why not see what styles Maytag have to offer.

Maytag Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Models - 

  • MBF1958XES - 19 cu. ft. EcoConserveā„¢ Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
  • MBL2258XES - 32 5/8 Inches Bottom Mount Refrigerator
  • MBR2258XES - 32 5/8 Inches Bottom Mount Refrigerator
  • MBF2258XEB - 32 5/8 Inches Bottom Mount Refrigerator